by Wes Seeliger

Two porcupine friends named Willie and Bill, Were talking one day of porcupine ills.

Said Willie to Bill, with a sorrowful moan, "Isn't it sad that we live all alone?

"The animals shun us; I have not one friend. Please tell me, Bill, Oh, what is our sin?"

Don't sweat it my friend," said porcupine Bill. It isn't your sin, it's just your sharp quills.

"We live all alone; that's just how it goes, "Cause no one wants quills in the end of his nose."

"I've got it," said Willie; "The answer I know. I'd rather have friends, so my quills have to go."

But Bill exclaimed, "It doesn't make sense. Without your sharp quills you'll have no defense."

Willie thought and he thought, but he couldn't decide, Should he give up his quills or save his own hide?

And then in a flash he decided with glee; I'11 pull out my quills in the trunk of a tree.

With all of his might he ran at the trunk And into the bark went his quills with a thunk!

His quills all came out in the trunk of the tree, And Willie exclaimed, "At last I am free!"

"Free to be eaten," said Bill in disgust. "You'll find out real soon there's none you can trust."

But Willie said firmly, "I must leave my cage. I'd rather risk friendship than die of old age."

Far into the night they debated the matter; Live safely alone or make someone fatter!

The Porcupine question remains to this day. Is it outreach or safety? Which one do you say?